Comparison of Ossur Unloader One, Bauerfeind GenuTrain OA, and SpringLoaded Levitation Knee Brace for the Management of Unicompartmental Knee Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a progressive joint condition affecting millions globally. Among the most commonly affected areas is the knee, particularly its unicompartment (either the medial or lateral side). In managing unicompartmental knee OA, bracing is a non-invasive approach that aims to alleviate pain and improve function. This article will compare three popular knee braces: Ossur Unloader One, Bauerfeind GenuTrain OA, and the SpringLoaded Levitation knee brace.


  1. Ossur Unloader One:


Design: The Ossur Unloader One brace is biomechanically constructed to reduce pressure on the affected compartment of the knee. It features a Dual Dynamic Force System that redirects compressive forces away from the affected compartment, providing immediate pain relief.


Effectiveness: Studies have shown that the Ossur Unloader One can significantly reduce pain and improve the functional activity of individuals with unicompartmental knee OA. This brace is often recommended for those with mild to moderate OA.


  1. Bauerfeind GenuTrain OA:


Design: The GenuTrain OA brace provides targeted offloading using a unique wedge system. This system can be adjusted to increase or decrease the degree of offloading, allowing for customization to the patient’s needs. Its knit fabric ensures comfort during extended wear.


Effectiveness: Some studies indicate that the GenuTrain OA brace provides significant pain relief and functional improvement. Its advantage is the adjustability which can cater to the dynamic needs of the patient as the condition progresses.


  1. SpringLoaded Levitation Knee Brace:


Design: The Levitation knee brace is unique, integrating a spring-loaded hinge that assists in the extension of the knee. This reduces fatigue and helps strengthen the muscles around the joint. The brace is designed to offload the affected compartment and simultaneously provide assistance during activities like standing up or walking uphill.


Effectiveness: The spring mechanism not only alleviates pain but also enhances muscle strengthening, which is beneficial for OA management. A study has shown that users experience reduced pain and improved mobility with the Levitation brace, especially during activities that exert more pressure on the knees.




All three braces offer distinct advantages for the management of unicompartmental knee OA. The choice often depends on the specific needs of the patient. While the Ossur Unloader One provides consistent offloading and is backed by multiple studies, the Bauerfeind GenuTrain OA offers adjustability. On the other hand, the SpringLoaded Levitation knee brace brings an innovative approach by integrating muscle strengthening into its design. It is essential for healthcare professionals to be informed about these options to make the best recommendation for their patients