Dale and Arif

How do our patients feel about Elite Sport Performance and The Knee Clinic? They value the fact that our clinic offers a wide range of treatment options by a variety of professionals. They appreciate that our work is driven by the most up-to-date research. They like the way we share information with them, among team members within the clinic and with their family doctor.

We’re extremely proud of the caliber of professional care we offer. Of course, this kind of quality doesn’t just happen. When bringing new team members to Elite Sport Performance and The Knee Clinic, we’re extremely demanding.

We require:


We seek out those whose credentials in their field are impeccable.


Because of our multi-disciplinary approach to healing, we place a very high value on staff teamwork and cooperation.


Sharing treatment information in a clear and compassionate way helps our patients understand and take ownership of their recovery.

Our team of professionals is truly hand-picked, and has the knowledge, experience and passion to get you moving again.

Dr. Dale Macdonald

Clinical Director, Post-Doctoral Sport Sciences Specialist