Collaborative Care. Focused Results.

When people walk through our door, it’s because something hurts. Most commonly, it’s their knee, back, head, neck or shoulder.

Elite Sport Performance and The Knee Clinic is ideally equipped to treat your pain and get you moving again.

Our clinic offers the unique skill sets of different professional disciplines: chiropractic, sports medicine, physiotherapy, acupuncture, naturopathy, massage therapy and more.

We work as a team, seamlessly combining our knowledge and skills to achieve your desired outcome as soon as possible. We communicate and collaborate with each other, to give our patients the best treatment possible. We communicate clearly and openly with our patients, and their family doctors, so they understand what’s going on and how they can help the recovery process.

We deliver collaboration, clarity and results.

Our three-step clinical process

  • Treat the problem
  • Strengthen the area
  • Avoid or modify the offending activity

Where does it hurt?

The Knee Clinic

  • pain under my knee cap
  • pain on the outside of my knee
  • pain on the inside of my knee
  • sharp pain when I try to walk
  • I heard a pop/snap in my knee and now I can’t walk on it
  • my knee is very stiff and painful, especially with hills or stairs

Elite Sport Performance

  • headaches
  • neck pain
  • I’ve been in a car accident and think I might have whiplash
  • I have shoulder pain that is not going away
  • I sit at a desk all day and I’m sore
  • I’ve been told I have flat feet
  • my lower back is very painful

Whether you’re experiencing one of these issues, or something else, count on Elite Sport Performance to get you moving again and feeling good doing it.

Our Mission

We exist to help active, health-conscious individuals achieve their highest levels of being, by providing a highly specialized, research-based, collaborative approach to patient care. We impart our expertise more clearly than others and fortify our great reputation by being results-driven and friendly.