We are happy to book time for a telehealth consult to discuss the particular knee issue that you are dealing with and determine which, if any, knee brace might be most appropriate for you.  These 10 minute consultations can be done over the phone, by Skype or via a Zoom meeting.

You will need to enter your contact information as well as details of any private, third-party insurance plan you may have.  We will direct bill your insurance company for this consult, with no cost to you.  Should a knee brace be appropriate for your particular case, then we may be able to write you a prescription for your knee brace to help with insurance coverage.  You will need to pay for your knee brace in full at the time of ordering.  Every insurance plan is different, with the amount of coverage contingent upon the particulars of your plan, so you may wish to check with your insurance company regarding the amount of coverage, if any, that you may have.

Please note this service is only available in English.

Please fill out the form below to request your consultation: