Kelly McCullagh

Registered Massage Therapist

Kelly McCullagh is a recent graduate from Vicars School of Massage Therapy (a two year, 2200-hour program), and an active member of the MTAA. Working in a specialized, interdisciplinary clinic is of great interest to her, given that she feels a client-centered, professional team approach to health can be very effective. She has a background in science, education, and competitive and recreational sports, which will help her to serve the needs of the local community effectively.

Her training in Remedial Massage Therapy includes orthopedic assessment, goal setting, treatment planning that incorporates a variety of therapeutic techniques, and home-care.

Treatment techniques may include: breath work, hydrotherapy, myofascial release, manual lymphatic drainage, frictions, static pressure, trigger point release, joint mobilizations, passive stretching and active inhibition.

She is a caring, personable and skilled massage therapist, with a calming presence, that is dedicated to her clients, profession and community.

Kelly believes in building relationships on a foundation of respect and understanding, and in life-long learning to create positive change. With an ongoing personal interest in leading an active, healthy lifestyle that includes running, yoga and golf, she is committed to helping others reach their individual goals.